Take a Sip From Hydro Flask’s Social Persuasion Strategy

Hydro Flask is the “Beyonce” of eco-water bottles. If you don’t have one, you’ve probably heard of them.

These reusable canteens are everywhere with brand loyalty splashed across social media far and wide.

620k followers on Instagram? How exactly does a brand create this kind of support? I mean, we’re talking about water bottles here!

It’s simple. Hydro Flask persuades audiences using the Elaboration Likelihood Model.

Elaboration Likelihood Model

ELM states people are influenced by a message in two different ways according to how much effort we use to understand that message. (elaboration=effort)

Central Route: We care a whole lot about what is being said. We put tons of effort and thought into our decision. We look at: Facts, Statistics, and Quality of Argument to make up our minds.

Peripheral Route: We care a lot less. We pay less attention because we are less interested in the message. We look at: Visuals, Celebrity Endorsements, and Enticements to make up our minds.

ELM persuasion is a smart way to build brand loyalty and is being used to create persuasive marketing content for Hydro Flask’s Instagram! Let’s take a look.

Hydro Flask: Central Route

Hydro Flask’s Go IGTV series inspires audiences to live healthier and more active lives: Why We Go. | How We Go. |Let’s Go.

These 1–4 min IGTV videos are short, but feels like a lifetime for social scrollers! These videos require valuable time and effort to watch, so only people who really care about the information will pay attention.

Central route thrives on facts and details, making social print ads great for winning over this audience. The above post is filled with details surrounding the brand’s values, a sure way to win over brand loyalty.

Central Route: Audience

Here’s what audiences using the Central Route look like for Hydro Flask:

  • Individuals who share a strong interest in the values of their brand.
  • Looks for a greater reason to support Hydro Flask apart from the products.
  • Target Audience Examples: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Philanthropists, and Environmentalists.

Hydro Flask: Peripheral Route

This audience is won over by pretty colors, creative imagery, and overall cool factor. Make them stop and stare!

Who doesn’t love a post with cute animals? This image has nothing to do with data or details, but everything to do with capturing the attention of a less involved audience. Fun images like this persuade audiences to favor the brand!

Hydro Flask turns heads with more fun and exciting content!

Reels and sports posts share the rush of skiing down icy mountains. They look super cool and make audiences feel ready for adventure!

Why does it work? Hydro Flask makes their audience feel positive toward their brand by showing positive images.

Peripheral Route: Audience

Here’s what audiences using the Peripheral Route look like for Hydro Flask social media brand loyalty:

  • Individuals who are looking for a simple and quick reason to like the brand.
  • Pays attention to fun aesthetics.
  • Examples: The Everyday Commuter, College Students, Trend Followers.

If you’re looking to build social brand loyalty, fill your canteen with the Elaboration Likelihood Model!

University of Florida Graduate Student | Mass Comm, Advertising & Social Media